Marketing science that pays for itself.

Proxy Solutions is an online presence development and management agency dedicated to small and medium size businesses. Our mission is to apply the knowledge of consumer psychology and decision theory in order to help our clients make the world a better place. We don’t believe in marketing that costs money, we believe in marketing that makes money. That’s why we never charge upfront for our services, we only make money when you make money. A critical value behind Proxy Solutions is care. Our clients know that we care about their business. They appreciate the stable growth that we create for their business on both short- and long-term.

Our talents work so well together for the greater good.
We feel like it’s not work because we love doing it so much!

Meet the team:
  • Founder: Armin Zundel

    Armin Zundel

  • Co-Founder: Glody Santiago

    Glody Santiago

  • Persona Analyst: Dyane Hayes

    Diane Hayes

    Persona Analyst
  • Brand Strategist and Copywriter: Igor Zosimov

    Igor Zosimov

    Brand Strategist and Copywriter
  • Engagification and Gamification Specialist: Kay Berkling

    Kay Berkling

    Engagification and Gamification Specialist

our clients are small businesses with big ambitions.

  • You want to develop web presence for your business but don’t know where to start
  • You are looking around for a web marketing option but can’t find the one that would fit your needs perfectly
  • You want to outperform your competition and dominate your market niche
  • You are concerned about the costs of hiring marketing firms or contractors
  • You don’t have time to manage a marketing crew
  • You are looking for a marketing solution that would make you money, not cost you money

Before we can do all of the above for you, you need to make the first step:
get in touch with us, and have us evaluate your situation.

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We'll make the IGEM formula work for you, not against you.
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