How successful marketing works.

The IGEM formula is at the core of our done-for-you plan of attack and implementation.

This formula captures the very essence of what makes our marketing successful.

It enables your business to shine in the eyes of your intended customers, and makes them want to become your paying customers. It leaves them no chance but to want your product more as they learn more about it.

Here's how it works:


“How do your potential customers think?” – We answer that question for you.

We look into their daily life and their behavior. We identify the way they learn new things, the way they take decisions, and the way they change their preferences.

We use our own, developed in-house, blend of scientific methods to accomplish that.

The outcome is a deep and meaningful look into your target audience from different perspectives with one goal in mind: to identify the best way of communicating the value of your product.

Goal matching

The key to effective marketing is giving your customers a sense of finding the right fit in your products.

In order to accomplish that, we put your business goals in tune with the needs of your customers.

We create a road map to achieving market domination through well-chosen micro goals that move your business reliably step by step in the direction where you want it to move.


We create an engaging experience to your customers. An experience that creates excitement.

It creates loyal customers that want to repeatedly buy and recommend your products to their friends.

It creates long-term emotional connections between your business and your customers.

We don’t just gamify, we engagify.

We accomplish this through digging to what is naturally fun and turning it into a system in to a form that is highly relevant to your target audience.


Our proprietary blend of persuasion techniques enables us to find the right combination of design and words that will motivate your potential customers to take action.

This final step binds it all together, and acquires more customers for your business.

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