Marketing done for you.

Think of Proxy as a magic cloud that provides access to virtually unlimited marketing resources. The same type of resources that ultra-successful businesses are using.

From equipment, to people, to ideas… Proxy accumulates knowledge, and enables you to reproduce success of the companies that achieved their legendary status.

But we aren’t into the business of providing access. We are into the business of providing growth. We get all the resources to work together and make the most for your business.

We use a 4-step process to get you from where you at now, to where you want to be.

Step #1
Get to know

We evaluate your product, your competition, and create an accurate profile of your intended customers.

Step #2
Make sense

We find out how to reach your intended customers and how to present your product in a way that will engage them and will motivate them to become your existing customers.

Step #3
Get done

We select appropriate techniques from our marketing toolbox, and mix them into a powerful blend that creates customers for you.

Step #4
Make better

We continuously work on optimizing your campaigns across all marketing channels for higher return on investment and more valuable customers.

Here’s how it works:

  • We agree on a commission from each sale
  • Only online sales are subject to our agreement
  • We design, develop, host and maintain your website for you
  • Shopping Cart system processes sales and sends in orders for fulfillment
  • Each month you get a report with the performance of your website
  • Your business enjoys marketing that pays for itself
  • We create more business for you
  • And we’ll commit our talents to your success for a minimum of 2 years.

We will market your business for you, and we will only get paid when you get sales.

It gets excellent results.
It costs nothing. It’s that simple.

What can be better than a guarantee?

Zero cost.

Proxy Solutions opens unlimited possibilities for your business.
We create success for you, and retain only a small share of it to ourselves.

Before we can do all of the above for you, you need to make the first step:
get in touch with us, and have us evaluate your situation.

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We'll make the IGEM formula work for you, not against you.
Let us do it before your direct competitor partners up with us.